Dirty Show Detroit

Last night was the opening night of The Dirty Show 18 at the Russell Street Exhibition Center, in Detroit, Michigan. It was truly surreal to see two of my #Sareytales (#AngryCock and #CumHaiku) displayed amongst so much talent.

When I first started creating these designs, someone asked me where do I see Sareytales going? It was a good question, and I admit I wasn't really sure. I didn't know if I wanted this to become a business, or more of a hobby, or just a fleeting project to have some fun with. However, there was a vision that kept popping in my head, and I didn't know how it would happen, or if it could happen, but I saw my artwork being displayed in a gallery. In an exhibition. Over-sized, beautifully framed, ugly words turned into beautiful art. So I guess you could say that my goals for Sareytales were to turn nasty into nice, ugly into pretty, crappy into creative. And somehow, that dream came true. 

It was surreal to see my work being displayed amongst so much creativity and talent, and an honor to be a part of this event.

Keep the crazy coming!