Valentine's Day Boutique Shopping Event

I just finished my very first "vendor fair" at Temple Shir Shalom with #PawnChick Ashley Gold, and the amazing @SariMCicurel. Other vendors included The Art Loft (in Birmingham, Michigan) and The Beauty Lounge (in Franklin, Michigan). It was truly an amazing opportunity to meet all these ambitious, assertive and passionate women. And although this was a super fun event for me and my tales, it was made even more meaningful because 20% of all proceeds were donated to #WishUponATeen foundation. 

I am so fortunate that I got to share my #sareytales story with so many people today. At first it was intimidating. I mean, these are basically all my worst nightmares displayed for the world to see. To consume, digest, and judge as they will. But I think it's that vulnerability that makes them so funny. The shitty comments men spew at women should not be hoarded and buried out of sight. We need to expose them, shine a light on the vulgarity that is becoming so commonplace. If turning ugly into art makes even one woman feel empowered, then I am happy to share my dating disasters, one coaster at a time.  

More merchandise is always available at my etsy shop, as well at society6.