Oh Mr. are making this too easy. Sareytales turns ugly into art, but not just from the text messages I receive from online dating. This concept can expand to all aspects of life, namely, the ugly, weird and bizarre things #45 spews almost daily. 

Introducing Covefe: The game with the Best Words
This deck of novelty playing cards has 52 unique Trump-inspired words and phrases broken down into four "suits" or categories, plus 2 "wild covfefe" cards:
1. Things Trump has said (bigly, nasty woman, yuuuge, etc)
2. Trump Administration catch phrases (fake news, honest loyalty, executive privilege, etc)
3. Places (Gine, Russia, Paris, etc)
4. People (Comey, Milania, Spiecer, etc)
The deck is full of unique hand drawn designs, but follows the same rules a traditional deck of poker cards, so you can still play all your favorite card games, or make up new ones with these funny Trumpisms. 



Please visit my esty shop to place your pre-order:

Email me at if you have any questions!


Detroit Start-Up Week 2017

That's a wrap! Thank you @playdetroit for hosting this inspiring event and allowing me to share my #sareytales story! It was such an honor to present amongst so much talent and passion. Detroit really is a special place for those who have vision, passion, and the tenacity to pursue their dreams. One of the other speakers at the event today really struck at chord with me when he stated that in NYC, you are just one of millions, there's never time, never space, and it's hard to claim something as your own (I'm paraphrasing). And I have to agree. I almost forgot about my days living, working and hustling in NYC, but feelings of being pressured to perform and never really measuring up, although maybe only in my head, came back as I listened to this man speak. I lived in NYC (the city proper, as well as Brooklyn) for over 6 years, and while I was in it, living it, I couldn't explain the feeling, but back home in the suburbs of Detroit, I can feel it. Detroit is smaller, yes. But the talent is just as rich and diverse. The main difference is that there is more time, space and a collaborative mindset here in the midwest that really fosters new ideas and startups. In NYC, it's like you have to make it before you can make it. In Detroit, we're all in this together, all hustling to make something great, together. 

It was truly such an honor to participate in this inspiring event today. It's hard to believe that 6 months ago, Sareytales was just an idea and some sketches. And now, with the help of local support, friends and amazing creatives who's paths I've crossed, I'm turning it into something real, alive and beautiful. I'm excited for what the future holds, not only for Sareytales, but for the amazing creative community I'm coming to learn and love.

#detroit #detsw17 #theartofthehustle#uglyintoart

Creative Entrepreneurship: The Art of the Hustle

So excited to be speaking tomorrow morning along with other local creative talent at the Masonic Temple 10am-12pm as part of Detroit Start-Up Week's Creative Entrepreneurship: The Art of the Hustle! I'll be sharing my #Sareytales story of self-discover and empowerment, and artistic exploration. #sareytales #detsw17 #detroit #art #onlinedating #creativehustle •


Shark Tank Casting: Detroit

So, today I went downtown to DET Center for Design + Tech to pitch the casting producers of Sharktank Season 9! It was a complete whirlwind, and such an amazing experience to be in a room (kinda hot and smelly but oh well) of other hungry (literally and figuratively), determined entrepreneurs. I was incredibly nervous and at times felt like I made a mistake, what the hell was I doing here. There were people who had made over 500k in revenue in the last year alone. But, I know it's about passion and having a good idea, and I believe in the Sareytales brand, and I have a vision of what I want it to develop into. And I think that optimism, determination and passion goes a long way. I hope at least. So, this was just the very first round in the vetting process. If we get called back, next step will be to submit a video of ourselves/business/product. Apparently Shark Tank gets over 40,000 applications a season. So just to have the opportunity to pitch my brand is incredible. I don't except to make it to the next round, but the insight, energy and creativity I witnessed today was just amazing. Stay tuned...

Dirty Show Detroit

Last night was the opening night of The Dirty Show 18 at the Russell Street Exhibition Center, in Detroit, Michigan. It was truly surreal to see two of my #Sareytales (#AngryCock and #CumHaiku) displayed amongst so much talent.

When I first started creating these designs, someone asked me where do I see Sareytales going? It was a good question, and I admit I wasn't really sure. I didn't know if I wanted this to become a business, or more of a hobby, or just a fleeting project to have some fun with. However, there was a vision that kept popping in my head, and I didn't know how it would happen, or if it could happen, but I saw my artwork being displayed in a gallery. In an exhibition. Over-sized, beautifully framed, ugly words turned into beautiful art. So I guess you could say that my goals for Sareytales were to turn nasty into nice, ugly into pretty, crappy into creative. And somehow, that dream came true. 

It was surreal to see my work being displayed amongst so much creativity and talent, and an honor to be a part of this event.

Keep the crazy coming!

Fox2 Detroit + Dirty Show Exhibit

Full Circle

"You're a drunk single angry mean loser who will never have children."  

-James, September 2016


The Text that started it all. The Original #Sareytales. When I received this hateful message, it stung. I hate admitting it, but it hurt. And almost instantly the idea to turn these ugly words into beautiful art popped into my head. Although, perhaps the concept had been churning for some time, and I just needed this one malicious text to motivate me to do something about it.

For the past 3 months, I have been creating #Sareytales on nearly a daily basis. It's been a cathartic, exhausting and exhilarating experience. At times, it seems to consume my life, my every thought and dream. It's become something bigger than the words it was inspired by. I almost forgot about James and his text. Until last night. 

I received his text (featured above) September 2, 2016. Last night, almost exactly 3 months later, an email from James appears in my inbox with the subject line "Want to apologize". Totally shocked and somewhat curious, I opened it. It was a short but honest email. He said he was sorry for his awful words and explained they came from a place of insecurity. I was actually surprised he confessed to the latter, I assumed he felt entitled to his cruelty and never thought about their effect.

I wasn't sure if I should reply to the email or ignore it entirely. A part of me just wanted to send him the #Sareytales design he inspired. But we are imperfect beings and I have no room for grudges in my life. Instead, I replied saying thank you, that I appreciate his email. And that his words really inspired me :)